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Published by Juggernaut India

Old Book

In her first book, Bahl compiles voices of achievers from diverse walks of life to contribute to the discourse on fashion's relationship with culture & identity.


Essentially, what one chooses to wear has a direct and intrinsic relationship with how one is perceived by others. Fashion can be used as a medium to conceal or a podium to carve an extrinsic identity. This can be considered synonymous with being able to create a “new you” endorsed by image builders, PR agents, stylists and beauty experts, alike.

In contemporary times, why does a person need to be defined by or judged for, and through, their choices of dress? 


Out of the closet detaches from the superficial to travel on an inroad
journey seeking answers at junctions plagued by complexities of modern-day issues. From the many issues the book raises, it hopes to find answers to questions that people commonly grapple with while choosing their attire – many of which are seeped and marred by regressive social, religious and cultural anomalies.