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Consultant and curator to the India Today Group for their expo in February 2019, The Red Lab, to incubate young and upcoming luxury labels. Saahra partnered with Harper's Bazaar India, Consmopolitan India & Brides Today India to curate this event.
Circular Fashion Consultant 
As awareness beckons, fashion houses and designers are becoming more mindful about ways to reduce their carbon footprint. We consult designers on
  • product design 
  • supply chains 
  • requisite compliances to be eligible for certifications that they deem appropriate for their product
  • as well as with the process of applying for certifications from PETA, GOTS, Fair Trade, Khadi mark and more. 


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Creative Content
Saahra's consultancy wings helps startups and brands on 
  • product positioning 
  • pricing 
  • marketing strategy
  • scriptwriting for ads, digital, print and radio communication
  • rendering growth through a mix of PR and creative marketing/ advertorial content. 
Collaborations or for work-opportunities, please contact me via e-mail. 
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